Dr Lim can help you attain your desired body proportions by enhancing body contour, reducing and tightening excess fat and skin, and adding volume.

Over time, many of us notice unwanted fullness in the abdomen, back, thighs and other areas of the body. Particularly following weight gain or loss, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations (such as menopause) and ageing, these concerns can lead to low self-esteem or just general dissatisfaction with our figures.

For those who experience difficulty in reaching their desired body proportions, Dr Lim is able to enhance, body contour, reduce and tighten excess fat and skin, and add volume where indicated.

This can be achieved using procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), lower body lift and fat grafting. As everyone is different, Dr Lim will develop a personalised surgical plan that focuses on your current condition and desired goals.

For more information on these procedures, select from the treatments above or contact our office for a consultation.

About Dr Jake Lim

Highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon Dr Jake Lim specialises in facial plastic, cosmetic breast and body contouring surgery, and is dedicated to helping you look and feel good.

With his advanced surgical skills and unique artistic vision, Dr Lim creates beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery results for his Australia-wide and international patients.

Dr Lim is passionate about making sure each and every patient has access to the right information about available treatments and procedures and is able to make well-informed decisions. At My Klinik, patient safety, education and achieving an optimal result are our top priorities.

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