Do Women Prefer Round or Tear Shaped Implants?

A recent study from the University British Columbia in Vancouver looked at the differences in patient satisfaction when it came to having round or tear shaped breast implants.

A study published in the March 2013 volume of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery examined patients who underwent breast augmentation, approximately half with round implants and half with tear shaped implants. The study confirmed that patients had no difference in overall satisfaction between round and tear shaped implants

The study looked at 65 women who had round implants and 63 women who had tear shaped implants. The patients were administered a questionare between 1-4 years post surgery and it looked at general satisfaction, satisfaction with care, satisfaction with overall outcome, as well as psychosocial, sexual and physical well-being.

Women who had surgery with tear shaped implants had a satisfaction score of about 77 percent out of 100, whereas women who had round implants placed had a 75 percent satisfaction score. The study confirmed that there was very little difference in satisfaction across the board, except that women with tear shaped implants self-rated their breasts as firmer than the women who had received round implants.

Dr Lim will assess each patient indivdually and discuss whether or not round or anatomical (tear shaped) implants would be best suited to your body. This really does depend alot on the size, shape and amount of skin and tissue the breasts have.

Either way, patients with round or tear shaped implants, (as you can see from this study and from our own patient satisfaction) are very happy with their end result. However, if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Dr Lim to discuss breast augmentation please contact our rooms on 9893 9388 or email us at and our staff will be more than willing to assist you.

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