Administration of Cosmetic Injectables (Doctor versus Nurse)

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons have released strict guidelines for the administration of anti-wrinkle injections.

The guidelines explain “It may be lawfully administered by either the doctor, or a nurse acting under the supervision and instruction of a doctor, and in accordance with a written order provided by the doctor”

Patients need to be aware of this when selecting a facility to undergo these cosmetic injections. It is possible that something could go wrong with any procedure, including injectables. Therefore, the guidelines state that “The doctor should be immediately contactable in order to respond to a nurse or patient’s concern in a timely manner.”

It is quite common nowadays for Beauty Salons, and Laser hair removal facilities to have a nurse injector whom administers anti-wrinkle and filler injectables. However, under these guidelines, these premises need to ensure they meet the criteria set out for them. “The premises must be properly equipped to deal with anaesthetic toxicity effects and potentially life threatening anaphylactic reactions. The premises must provide facilities and procedures for all healthcare workers to adhere to infection control principles, including safe injection practices and aseptic technique for the preparation and administration of all injectable medications.”

Here at Dr Lim’s practice, all of our cosmetic injections are administered by an approved doctor (General Practitioner and trained injector) Dr Moulos. Patients can feel at ease knowing that a Doctor is treating them in a approved doctors facility, should anything go wrong.

Patients need to be more vigilent with their health and do more research into the required qualifications and guidelines by Doctors and healthcare workers before undergoing any treatment.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Moulos, please contact Dr Lim’s rooms on 9893 9388.

To read the full PDF document of guidlines please click this link.

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